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 Pan European website – Information on IPBES national platforms

Country: Portugal


1) Main contact/ coordination points & website

Isabel Sousa Pinto

Responsible for IPBES-pt website and mail list. 

Prof University of Porto and Researcher at Ciimar


2) Organisation - How Portugal is organised to get engaged in IPBES

IPBES scientific matters are dealt with by FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and Science. 

FCT also nominates the Focal Point and funds the delegation from Portugal.  


3) Nomination processes

Call for experts are disseminated by the IPBES –pt website and e-mail network. Focal point reviews cv and proposes list of nominees to FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology that approves the nominations.


4) Support of contribution to IPBES

Portugal has been supporting the presence of one delegate to each General Assembly. Portugal, though FCT has been supporting experts selected to some of the expert groups


5) Regular activities 

  • Newsletters and website

  • Meetings


6) Specific projects: e.g. capacity building projects



7) Type of engagement with stakeholders:


8) Additional information 

Participation in the Pan – European Forum for IPBES (Leipzig, Basel)



PDF available here

last modified on 02 May 2019